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Food for Thought

Food for Thought (FFT)

An incident

Let me tell you something that’s based on a true story which happened here in Iligan City some time ago. Don’t know if you’ve heard about this incident, which we can say is really sad and unfortunate.

It was late at night and there was a young girl, in her teens, who was walking home alone in one of the streets of Iligan City. As she continued walking she saw a guy, a stranger on the other side of the road, who was walking in the opposite direction she was heading.

But as he was about to pass her, he suddenly changed direction and moved towards her, when he was close enough, he announced a “holdup”.

In that instant the girl’s heart started raising and fear was in the air as the hold-upper demanded for her valuables.

Most people will usually obliged but there are instances when some will definitely be unwilling to give up their cash, things or other possessions specially if it’s important to them.

Like most people, being in a situation like that would make their nerves lose their elasticity, some will froze in fear but not this gal, for she had studied martial arts before.

Seeing no cooperation, the hold-upper began to attack her and she in turn had to use all the skills that she learned to defend herself. To make matters worse this hold-upper had a knife and he continuously brought the onslaught.

Although somebody saw the incident from a distance, the witness just dismissed it as a “lover’s quarrel”.

Realizing that his victim reacted in a way he didn’t expected, wasting no time, the hold-upper immediately fled the scene, empty handed…

What happened to the victim?

…it brings me much sorrow to tell you this that although she had studied and learned martial arts and did her best to defend herself, she still got stabbed and unfortunately she died.


FFT: No parent would want that to happen to their sons or daughters nor anyone would want that from happening to them.

What can you do?

Avoidance and always see to it that you don’t take unnecessary risks…

Prepare yourself – If in the most unlikely event it will happen to you, then you can come out prepared.

Why not just bring a weapon?

Some will say they have a nice weapon for defending themselves, that they have a firearm and they’re not afraid to use it.

Wait! Always remember, a firearm is a weapon, and you need to have a license for it, or have a valid CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) Permit if you want to carry it around with you outside your home, which so happens is not available in the Philippines.

If you get caught with an unlicensed firearm or other weapon here, that’s bad news and the penalty gets heavier if you are caught concealing that deadly weapon and you can go to prison for that. You may get free board and lodging… well if that doesn’t sound so bad, think about your freedom and future which will be at stake.

So why pick us?

ISD offers Martial Arts lessons and Self-defense training:

  • that teaches you how to make use, the parts of your body in defending yourself against attacks.
  • that are reality-based (not contrive or as seen on TV or in the movies)
  • that focuses on street attacks, as well as other scenarios
  • that teaches you in defending against multiple attackers
  • basic skill training on how to use instruments that can be used as weapons (knives, bolos/machete, sticks, and other ordinary items)
  • teaches weapon disarming that is “for real and not for reel”, disabling/disarming armed assailants

Learning to defend yourself is now a responsibility!

Join us and prepare yourself!

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