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Quotes Saying Jokes

Kornball Jokes

Birds and Bats

A bird that is a bat?

Answer: Al-bat-ross

A bat that is a bird?

Answer: Robin


Afraid Are We? (misinterpreted) – Na Hadlok Ka-ba? (in-bisaya-version-#1)

Master Yoda

Master Yoda, one of the greatest Jedi master, tackles discombobulating thoughts about  a Padawan learner’s interests on the fence in joining a martial arts school.

“If Second thoughts you have in Joining?”

“og ga duwa-duwa kang mo-apil”

“Afraid are We?”

“na hadlok ka-ba kita?”

“Is it Fear?”

“ka hadlok ba?”

Pain, Suffering

“Fear…, Fear leads to Pain, …Suffering, leads to the Dark Side….”

“ang ka hadlok padung sa kasakit, pag antos, bakwits wa’y sugang dapit”

Yoda Re-in-CAT-nate

“Have No Fear, ISD is Here!”

“Ayaw ka hadlok, ani-a ang Iligan Shotok…!”

“If in practicing attack scenarios when training you are scared, it’s nothing compared without training caught in a real life and death situation you are facing”

Kun mahadlok ka sa pag ensayo wala ras kumingking kung nag atubang kanas sitwasyong kinabuhi nimo delikado nya wala kay ensayo”


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