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Iligan City’s Renowned Custom Guitar Maker and Master Luthier, Sir Edgar R. Rabago

Iligan City musicians looking for a true custom guitar especially made for them need not look far now in finding the right luthier that can take on challenges or take them on with their unique custom build designs. If ones got that vision, that design… then one should never give up on that dream guitar… it maybe just one, two or three rides away now (if i’d been a guitarist now, i’d say, what are waitin’ for, let’s ride!!!).


Sir Edgar R. Rabago Sir Edgar del Rosario Rabago of “E. Rabago Guitars,” Iligan City. (Photo courtesy of Sir ER Rabago)

10599163_327716377394454_2881653823547077802_n Photo courtesy of Sir ER Rabago

Written by: Duo Maskus

Duo Opti

In the early 1980’s, Electric guitars and basses sold in Iligan City mostly came from the USA and Japan, and only those individuals or kids whose parents can afford can buy one. As an aspiring 17-year-old musician longing to own an electric guitar, Edgar del Rosario Rabago, can’t help but only admire at the sight of other musicians playing their very own guitars.

musician Photo courtesy of Sir ER Rabago

But no matter how expensive these instruments were way back then, it didn’t stop him from dreaming of owning an electric guitar someday. His eagerness to own a guitar, eventually led him into making his own electric guitar, and several years later set-up the now famous E. Rabago Guitars Shop at his home in…

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