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Eating it right

Hi there,

If you are bodybuilding (putting on some muscle mass), losing weight (cutting down) or maintaining a figure (staying slim) you have to remember that getting in shape can sometimes mean “eating it right.”

Cooking Meatballs

Frying Meatballs that looks like Chowking’s Butchi

If you’re trying to lose weight you know that you have to fight that urge to eat… a little more than the current limit, set.

If you’re trying to maintain a figure, you have to remember to eat, because sometimes being picky tends to make you forget.

If you’re bodybuilding then you should know that you just can’t eat and drink whatever you see.

Alright, If we want eat to bring us closer to our goals (whatever eat is) and get eat right… then… let’s eat it!

Here’s a picture of the food one is about to eat after a workout/practice routine…

Let's eat it!

Eating it right

Pardon our table setting here, some items missing…

Our Menu (l-r):

Filipino Stew (Sinigang-Chicken)

Hotdogs (Virginia, not John Carter)

Cheding’s Peanuts

Duncan Hines Chocolate Brownies/Cake

Scrambled Eggs

Chicken Skin

Filipino Meatballs (bola-bola)

On the Plate (l-r):

Dried Squid (Nukos)

Filipino Meatballs

Pork Tocino (Sweet cured pork)


Fruits (l-r):



Drinks (l-r):

Nesvita (Original flavor)


Spreads/Condiments (l-r):

Del Monte Ketchup

Lola Abon’s Durian Spread

Suka Pinakurat

Lady’s Choice Bacon Spread


Thank you for checking out our photo.

Losing weight, maintaining a figure, or bodybuilding can be fun and exciting just like learning self-defense, it has its benefits…

Now, are you up for an exciting game of Hidden Objects?

We have 8 objects in our Picture we would like you to pick out…

…can you please help us identify all of them.

Thank you

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