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Advantages Of A Reality Based Martial Arts Or Self Defense Training, Is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

Wondering what the advantages of a reality based Martial Arts or Self Defense Training is, Is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

A number of people out there searching for a Martial Arts or Self Defense Training school or facility whilst eagerly wanting to learn how to defend themselves often overlook or miss out considering one very important thing… “Its Effectiveness”

But before we tackle this topic, let us mull over the disadvantages or pitfalls of what “Training” can bring to the mindsets of some or what the mindsets of some will soon become or turn into.

Let us hope that by reading this you will become aware and be able to avoid this maelstrom, vortex, whirlpool, etc, okay, a black hole and get sucked in and shredded to pieces.

A number usually think,  have the belief, get the notion and don’t know it’s a misconception, that by merely being, enrolling, or attending a Martial Arts or Self Defense Training School… it is already enough (and now they feel a little tough-er).

Some feel that they already got their skins covered, they now feel safer, and sometimes, some become too over-confident because they trust they have gained the skills to beat up anyone who messes with them.

And rarely, some will undergo a very strange transformation… and these are the ones you need to look out for… There will be a  time that will come that some will get the mentality or think like “warriors.” And they’ll give you and others that piercing look, unconsciously feeling like a gas pocket under the ground who’s about to go ballistics with the slightest spark you’ll give them as you return their gaze.

You might be lucky enough to spot them inside a bar, they are usually looking at you, with a fire or a blaze going on right behind them, as your eyes meet and lock unto each other. What do you do?

Do the natural thing, look down on your drink, that is, if your holding one or look up to the ceiling, like you’re thinking of something deep… if you’ve noticed that there’s no letting up, and you’re thinking of walking away, don’t think of running (if you’re already drunk) or get those manly urges (if you have more than enough to drink) and start staring back at him, he might be forced to use force on you, it will only spell trouble… trouble for you… if he beats you… or trouble for him, if you beat him because you learned in a school with a different training system, a much better system if you’d like to say.

But we all know what’s the right thing to do boys and girls, it is… really… to avoid trouble or avoid causing trouble, learning a Martial Art or a Self defense system is a big responsibility.

So as we continue our story, regardless of style, the outcome of an encounter is sometimes determined not just by how much one has practiced but also by the kind, the quality and type of training system one has undertaken, especially in situations where whistle’s are of no use anymore.

Reality based Martial Arts or Self Defense Training provides or incorporates a practical or physical application of the techniques or skills studied and learned throughout the course.

It ensures hands-on training with direct practical experience while conducting the practice drills.

It’s like the old adage “No Pain No Gain.”

The advantages of these kind of training is that it lets you get a taste of what some situations/scenarios might be like, how things will appear, will be, or how they really are from your point of view as you go through them.

You will get the chance to know what will go through your mind, how it feels, how your body computes and reacts to certain conditions, or positions, or discover how it will really turn out as it happens in the real world and not like the way you see it on TV/Movies.

And yet the training still ensures that a tedious amount of control is still exercised in the scenario drills.

Training prepares you or conditions you so that you will still be able to focus, think, and know how to act or what to do to survive despite getting short circuited for a second or two.

Why? because situations differ, sometimes they become unpredictable, or can turn for the worse in an instant.

You can’t be sure or you may not know how to react once you take a hit, because your mind is driven out of focus or shall we say all you can think of then is the uncomfortable sensation, because you are writhing in pain then forced to a defensive, submissive or retreat mode… and this is where your assailant will go on a shark frenzy on you.

With a reality based martial arts or self defense training one gets trained to prepare, to have a proper mindset to face an unlikely event where ones survival is threatened and be able to increase ones chances of survival.

It is so easy nowadays, we have Youtube, the internet and one can easily study, download information, learn, practice the skills or techniques shared…

But the downside to this is-the application… because applying the skills and techniques you may have learned is different:

  • when practiced alone (beating or mauling a bag or just hitting air/wind)
  • when done alone (without the guidance or wisdom of a teacher)
  • when applied on someone else within the school during training (sparing, hands-on, reality based or controlled/choreographed?)
  • totally… when applied outside in an actual scenario (real and stressful).

So about the advantages of a reality based martial arts or self defense training, is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

Well, scores already found out about this in actual application. They have proven that it is different, it helps, and it is indeed effective.

“A real blade outside pulled on you will always be a real blade and it will never become or turn into a dummy knife, a stick, a pen or comb no matter how much you look at it.” by: STS

Never lose motivation once it sets in, encourage it… seek a reality based martial arts or self defense training school with a good teacher, then develop the proper mindset.

Dragon's Breath

Dragon’s Breath


Few days later


angle of incidence


Safety first, Avoid training-related injuries.

Always train with the proper attire, gears and equipments.

Any injuries suffered if serious can affect your training regimen or make you stop all throughout if it’s permanent.

For a Reality based Martial Art or Self defense training, make sure that your Instructor knows what he/she is doing before continuing.

How will you know this? any hints?

It is not that the lessons you’re being taught are not the lessons you seek but…

If it ain’t effective – then you wouldn’t need to take a wild guess – you will know then if it ain’t the one….

Thank you for reading

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