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Knife attacks, fighting, survival debunked

Knife attacks, fighting, survival debunked (…and we couldn’t agree more)

Be advised: Videos are graphic in nature

Video 1: Knife attacks [retrieved from http://www.youtube.com, posted by alphacom]

Video 2: Knife attack myths 2 [retrieved from http://www.youtube.com, posted by haf(f)oc]

Video 3: Knife attack survival tutorial by Luke Holloway [retrieved from http://www.youtube.com, posted by TeamWuJin]

The video shows some of the things that you really need to know about real knife attacks before choosing a self-defense class or choosing a martial arts school that offers knife defense lessons you want to learn and rely (bet your life) on.

You must choose wisely who you’ll train with (reality-based lessons).

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