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Justice for Cyrish Magalang!

Justice for Cyrish

Justice for Cyrish Magalang!

Justice for Cyrish Magalang!

Cyrish Magalang, 20-year-old female, a cum laude graduate from the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management in University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Bacoor, Cavite was murdered and found dead on Wednesday October 31, 2012 reports philstar.com.


Cyrish Magalang pic

Cyrish Magalang pic courtesy of reynthology.blogspot.com

Cyrish Magalang Photo

Thevictimwas dumped in a vacant lotinGawaran Heights, Molino 7, pants down,hogtied, with 49 stab wounds and head smashed almost beyond recognition.

crime scene

crime scene

The Hut

Scene of the Crime, an abandoned hut.

Police arrested the suspects identified as Rolin Gacita, 27, and his brother Roel, 24, both residents of Molino 3 in Bacoor.

The two were identified by witnesses in the brutal killing of Magalang on Wednesday, as she was last seen around 11 pm, October 30, boarding the tricycle driven by one of the suspects-Roel, after buying puto bungbong, a native rice cake.

The screwdriver allegedly used in the murder, the blood-stained concrete hollow block used in bashing the victims head, and the mangled puto bungbong were recovered at the crime scene, as well as the victims personal belongings at the suspects residence by Police.

The two suspects were arrested, charged with robbery with homicide and are now behind bars, the article said.

suspects arrested pic retrieved from tempo.com.ph

Suspects arrested


May she rest in peace.

Another innocent life lost to another gruesome murder committed by individuals who think alcohol, drugs and robbery would be a ticket for them to easily forget their life’s troubles and miseries. They were sadly mistaken with grave consequences.


Another innocent life lost, torn apart

Another bitter twist of irony

A year ago,  around 6:30 am, October 11, 2011, Given Grace Cebanico, a 19 years old, third year Computer Science student of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Laguna also suffered a similar fate (raped and murdered by two suspects) as she was found dead in a canal by residents.


Given Grace, victim of rape slay Oct 11, 2011

Given Grace Cebanico – 19 yrs old – Murdered October 11, 2011 – UPLB – killed with a handgun

Cyrish Magalang – 20 yrs old -Murdered October 31, 2012 – UST – killed with a Screwdriver

Coincidence? it makes us think, hope there won’t be a next…

Jay Solano – 15 yrs old – Murdered October 18, 2013 – DLNHS – killed with a knife

Anria Galang Espiritu – 26 yrs old – Murdered August 14, 2014 – killed with a Screwdriver

Like  Given Grace that was murdered by the suspects responsible, for a girl named Cyrish… “ay walang ka-awang-awang pinatay sa isang karumal-dumal na krimen, sa halip na binigyan ng lahat ng respeto dahil siya ay “Ma-galang”.

The suspects

The suspects

“I pulled her pants down but I didn’t rape her”

Rolin said, “I managed to pull her pants down but I did not rape her”.

The two suspects

Rolin insisted “I acted alone”

Rolin insisted, “I alone made plans to just rob the victim and let my brother tag along”

Rolin and Roel Gacita

“We both took shabu”

Rolin said, “We bought took shabu!”

behind bars

Rolin and Roel Gacita, suspects in Cyrish murder behind bars.

And Roel said, “my brother Rolin is innocent, I was the brains and I acted alone”

Never in control

If someone will do drugs, think it’s cool, go bragging and telling themselves, “They’re in control”… and if someone comes up telling them “it’s never good,”  well, you know we’ll never hear the end of it…

The moment you start letting drugs into your system, unknowingly, you slowly let it bring about changes in your way of thinking, and your deteriorating “utok bolinao” will go from making you do something stupid, to doing something crazy, to doing something that makes you cross the line.

You will never be in control once you start doing drugs. It only leads to getting wasted, brain damage, self-destruction and destroying other peoples lives.

The suspects admitted “they were under the influence of drugs, lost control of themselves which lead them to commit the crime”.

(utok = brain of or having the wits of …, bolinao = is a common Tagalog name for a small fish belonging to the “monamon” species. So the expression “utok bolinao” = a dimwit).

Contributed by: Gunther Gumoner


Gunther Gumoner


Evil  will always be out there and can take many forms, let us help you prepare yourself before you fall victims, learn now.

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