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An In-depth Review of the FMA Key Fob

An In-depth Review of the FMA Key Fob

By: The Knuckle Guy

Black Pine Tree FMA Key Fob

FMA Key Fob

Sensei Tawara Sho has always dig the martial arts, karate, weapons, to the state of the nation and now he’s lately been fascinated about this “hot new item” that has hit the market that he recount’s “not a great number has heard about yet”.

Compared with a Black Brass Knuckle

Compared with a Black Brass Knuckle

Compared with a Giant Skull Knuck

Compared with a Giant Skull Knuck

Compared with a  Knuck

Compared with a Knuck

The “principle” he says, “has been around and fortunately for the people has become inbound” and by “inbound” he means, it has arrived here.

Black Brass Knuckle

Black Brass Knuckle

FMA Key Fob and Knuck with Knife

FMA Key Fob and Knuck with Knife

Knuck with Knife

Knuck with Knife

Four of a kind

Four of a kind

With Black Brass Knuckle and Knuck with Knife

With Black Brass Knuckle and Knuck with Knife

Giant Skull Knuck is also a Lighter

Giant Skull Knuck is also a Lighter

For this In-depth review the author used the “Black Pine Tree” model of the FMA Key Fob series, which also looks like a Rocket or an Arrow Head.

  • FMA stands for “Force Multiplier Agent” It is a small custom hand-fashioned (especially designed) Key fob made of hard plastic with a single or two holes to fit one or two fingers which can also function as an impact force multiplier agent when used for self-defense.
  • It is very light in weight = around 7.5 grams.
  • Its dimensions are, Length = 2 and 5/16” and tapers to a point starting at 1.5” from the neck, Width = 1 and 1/16” with two cut out grooves at 2/8” deep at 0.5” length from the base, Height = ¼”. The Hole’s diameter is about 7/8”.
  • Black colored coating – not attracting attention especially in dimly lit places.
  • Hard Plastic – Will not rust, warp, or shatter/chip (especially against impact on body tissue/skin)
  • It has grooves like that of the spiral track cut into a phonograph record for the stylus to follow-which aids for a better grip.


  • It is stealthy, handy and easily concealed – can easily be carried and hidden inside one’s pocket, purse or shoulder bag.
  • Won’t easily fall into the attacker’s hands, Won’t fall off or get pried easily from your hand once worn and with proper execution your chances of getting out of a tight situation is better.
  • Effective, Works best when used against a soft target like the skin covering the face and other ideal parts of the body which can also be used as target points but still is non-lethal but can inflict excruciating pain.
  • Can get past security easily undetected – won’t show up on a metal detector and doesn’t look like a weapon, unlike a regular brass knuckle, it is non-threatening in appearance: to the untrained eye, it may just look like an innocuous key fob that represents an animal, a thing, or just an item to make a personal statement.
  • Price: Now down to Php 49.00 from a hundred which makes it more affordable
  • It also comes in several other designs and because it’s hand-fashioned it makes it all more unique (paying close attention to the design of the item parts and angles and as to its positioning once it connects with the target, from the different possible angles and still deliver).
  • Better in comparison with the Jaws Key fob, because the Jaws Key fob is slightly longer in length and the Jaws has the tendency to deflect up or down upon contact with a target and it may hurt your fingers, although it’s still good, then again you really need to learn how to use the Jaws for it to be effective without compromising your hands.
  • Ideal for Filipino Women and Men alike for self-defense


  • Although this is a nice item to use for self-defense, you have to learn how to punch while using it, it would have been better if the point is a little shorter though (less 2/8″ from the tip).
  • You should learn how to hold the item and the key attached to it if there’s a need to use it, otherwise you’ll end up loosing your key as it comes off flying while you’re bashing your attacker (in the struggle).

Compared to a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray it’s less likely to fall off your hands

Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays and the FMA Key Fob are good for use in Self-Defense but in terms of grasping the items, if you think about it, if you’re holding a stun gun, a pepper spray or wearing the FMA key fob in your hand like it’s ready for action,  and if you turn your hand so the palm of your hand holding the item faces the ground and you open your hand, the stun gun and pepper spray will fall off, or both can more likely will get knocked off your hand if it get’s hit or bumps into something. But the FMA Key Fob will not fall off because you wear it like a ring around your finger.

More so, having a Stun gun with a sling serves the same function but if it’s inside your bag and with little warning it’s less likely you will have time to think about grabbing the sling and slide your hand thru it, as you scramble to get it out of your bag if you’re taken by surprise, same goes for the pepper spray.

Unlike a Stun gun or Pepper Spray, while you are holding the key as you open the door, and you get attaked, you still need to let go of the key and be fumbling in your purse or bag to get that Stun gun or Pepper Spray and loosing those precious seconds while your assailant is closing in or upon you already.

So if the item doesn’t fall easily from your hand in a struggle, the better your chances are of still being able to use it and meet its desired potential, in this case, to defend yourself and possibly fend off the attack and escape with your life.

With the FMA Key Fob, it is inconspicuous and the second you take your keys out of your purse or bag you already have it in your hand and wearing it around your finger. And while using your keys to open the door you get attacked then you are already ready to use it when he gets that close or within your reach.

In addition, if you learn how to hold and use it with the Key, the Key can actually serve as a bonus piece you can also use as the extra tooth if you know what I mean.

One way of holding the FMA Key Fob before using it

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

If you are living in the Philippines:

  • be a self-defense enthusiast, a key chain collector, a celebrity or just your average citizen.
  • on a budget.
  • looking for a self defense item that’s cheap, lightweight, and effective…

Then the FMA Key Fob is just the right one for you.

The Four FMA Key Fobs with the Black Brass Knuckle, Knuck with Knife, Giant Skull Knuck with Lighter

The Four FMA Key Fobs (Wild Cat, Black Pine Tree, Pit Bull, Jaws) with the Black Brass Knuckle, Knuck with Knife, Giant Skull Knuck with Lighter

Note from the author:

This review focuses on the FMA Key Fob and its unique own ways. But the author wishes to point out that a Stun Gun is also very good especially if you prepare it ahead, and a Pepper Spray could be activated while at a certain distance, which makes it also very great for self-defense against attacks.

From ISD:

“…as an advocate of self-defense, especially for those who need it the most, our women, ladies, teenage girls, in light of news stories that only slumps your shoulders down to hear another bad or dreadful tale of victims of attacks like rape, robbery and murder day-to-day, self-defense must be a responsibility for the general population, …

…but if not all can go and attend self-defense classes then at least they can have something they can use to defend themselves in crime scenarios (than have nothing), in the unlikely event, having a stun gun or pepper spray is good but if it so happens that you drop it (due to shock, panic, fear, shaking, struggling) and it falls into your assailant’s hands then that’s more trouble… for you, for he can use it on you too…

just an example of a Stun gun accident: In the movie The Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen, Leo Spitz (Ramon Rodriguez) in a scene in the comfort room. Although it was part of the movie to make us laugh, it can happen in the real world.

Pepper spray – awww, it burns! my eyes! my eyes!

Stun gun – kzzzt! And it’s easy pickings for them assailant’s.”

– Tawara Sho

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  1. In behalf of Xqwstbizniz, we would like to thank The Knuckle Guy for the review and Mr. Tawara Sho of “ISD,” rest assured, we value the honest feedback and will use this to further improve our products.

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