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About Brass Knuckles, Expandable Batons, Tear gas/Pepper Spray, Stingers and Kubotan Key chain: non-lethal, less-lethal, less-than-lethal weapons – self defense products available today

About Brass Knuckles, Expandable Batons, Tear gas/Pepper Spray, Stingers and Kubotan Key chain: non-lethal, less-lethal, less-than-lethal weapons – self defense products available today

Brass Knuckles

Locally known as “Pitchakurno”, these are basically weapons that are made of pieces of metal, wood or fiber glass shaped to fit around the knuckles. These are also called knuckledusters, brass knucks, knucks or knuckles.

The use of knuckledusters and other knuckle style weapons dates back to ancient times. They were used by Soldiers, Paratroopers and Bodyguards alike in hand-to-hand combat.

World War 1 Death's Head Knuckle duster - copy

World War 1 Death’s Head Knuckle duster – copy

Spiked Knuckle Duster

Spiked Knuckle Duster

Batman Shaped Knuckle Knife

Batman Shaped Knuckle Knife

These are usually designed to increase the impact of blows by concentrating the force of one’s punch to a smaller contact area with devastating results to the receiving end while reducing the likelihood of damage to the user’s fingers (if it’s bone to bone contact).


  • Handy and Concealable – can easily be carried and hidden inside one’s pocket.
  • Effective and can inflict heavy damage – some designs (blunt/pointed) can tear flesh or fracture bones.
  • Because of the nature of the weapon’s design that is worn to fit around the knuckles, it may take a little effort to disarm or pry it from the user’s hands unlike that of a club, machete (bolo/sundang), or knife which can fly, fall or be knocked off from the wielder’s hand.
  • In the Philippines – it can easily be purchased from Gun shops and Stores selling security related products, in malls, online stores and other general merchandise stores.


  • Considered an offensive weapon – can be very dangerous and although it is sold openly in the Philippines, it’s something that you can’t brandish in plain sight.
  • Not legal in most countries for civilian use – even if it’s used for self-defense only, it can still get you into trouble with the authorities if you get caught possessing one or using one and that includes, yes, the Philippines.
  • Depending on your hand/finger’s size, some products or design may not be right for you, and if you happen to purchase one that’s not the right size and fit and in the event use it, although it may do more damage to the receiving end, you may still end up with sore or painful fingers yourself (that’s the part of your finger where the knucks finger dividers, spacers or separators of the fingers come in contact with – best if your knucks don’t have these or if it has, it should be thin because some designs are thicker – because normally when we make a fist there is no space in between the fingers).
  • Some designs may just be good for display, decoration or paper weight on your desk, e.g. Batman Designed Knucks, it’s not that it won’t do damage to the receiving end but if you look carefully at its design, although blunted at the part where it comes in contact with your palm, it can still hurt your palm in the process.
  • Can be lethal

Retail Price: Can be as low as $ 9.35 online (excluding shipping), In the Philippines – Php 300.00 and up depending on designs.

Expandable Baton

These are hand-held impact weapons used to strike, block or bludgeon. These are also called collapsible, extendable, tactical baton, nightstick or ASP (Armaments Systems and Procedures) Baton that’s composed of a cylindrical shaped outer shaft and 2-3 inner telescoping shafts made of steel or aluminum alloy that’s around 6” to 10” and locks into place when expanded (up to 26”). It is carried in a collapsed state for easy concealment and expanded when needed.

Expandable Baton

Expandable Baton


  • Handy, Concealable, Low Profile – carried inside a holster (hand/holster attached to the belt)
  • Extends the reach
  • Better than carrying a big stick
  • The sight and sound of the action in extending the baton may be psychologically intimidating


  • A little heavier than Knucks, Stingers, Kubaton
  • Some are for one time use only – may not collapse anymore after hitting something really hard. There are a few brand new ones (less quality) that will extend but can be very hard in collapsing back.
  • Considered a less-lethal weapon but it can be (strikes to the head)
  • Considered illegal for non-authorized civilian use in most jurisdictions in many countries.

Retail Price: Php 250.00 to Php 1,400.00

Tear gas/Pepper Spray

Tear gas or commonly called CS gas and Pepper Spray or also known as OC gas are both used as an aerosol, contained in canisters that can be sprayed to temporarily incapacitate an attacker. Effects can range from irritating the eyes to cause tears, immediate closing of the eyes, difficulty breathing-respiratory distress, disorientation, uncontrolled upper body spasms, coughing, pain, burning sensation of the skin, vomiting to temporary blindness.

Tear Gas Lipstick Pepper Spray

Tear Gas Lipstick Pepper Spray

Tear Gas Pepper Spray Canisters

Tear Gas Pepper Spray Canisters


  • Handy and Concealable – small, can easily be carried and hidden inside one’s pocket, bag, or purse.
  • Lightweight and Effective – comfortable to carry and can inflict searing pain.
  • Legal for Self-defense use in the Philippines
  • Tear gas – non-lethal agent
  • Pepper spray – less-than-lethal agent
  • Pepper Spray – can also be used for defense against dogs and bears
  • Can be sprayed from a distance (6 feet-10 feet)


  • Can be deadly in rare cases or can be a contributing factor to death
  • Tear gas – limited effects on animals (underdeveloped tear ducts/fur coat)
  • Limited ammunition (mini canisters)
  • Users can also be susceptible when exposed or inhales the gas (elliptical cone mist spray – when sprayed in enclosed spaces, buildings, rooms or depending on the air/wind flow direction)

Retail Price: Php 200.00 – Php 1,500.00

Stinger Key chain

These are small impact instruments which are made of super strong non-metal composite material (plastic) and can be carried virtually unnoticed and can be used as a self-defense tool.

Although it may have a blunt nose, just like the operating principle of the knucks these babies can inflict immense pain because of the power being focused on its tip.

Stinger Key chains

Stinger Key chains


  • Handy and Concealable – can easily be carried and hidden inside one’s pocket and hand.
  • Lightweight and Effective – comfortable to carry and can inflict intense pain.
  • Can get past security easily undetected –won’t show up on a metal detector and doesn’t look like a weapon, non-threatening appearance: appears like an airplane, stick figure with a cap or a tree key fob.
  • Can also be used in the healing art of Acupressure.
  • Non lethal force instrument
  • Great for Women and Men alike for self-defense
  • Can be purchased online but seldom available in stores in the Philippines.


  • Can still fly, fall or be knocked off from the wielder’s hand.

Retail Price: $8.50 online (excluding shipping cost). If you’re on a budget, here in the Philippines it can range from Php 950.00 – Php 1,200.00 (but it can be worth it).

Kubotan (Kubaton) Key chain

Nope, it’s not the local name of a kind of Squid that we know of; this is a hard impact plastic rod usually 5.5 inches long as originally developed by Takayuki Kubota (Kubota and kubaton) but it can also be made of aluminum alloy or wood and can be pointed, spiked, or have a tapered end and used for painful locks or pressure point strikes. It is also dubbed as the “instrument of attitude adjustment” or “The Persuader”.

Kubotan Key chain

Kubotan Key chain

Spiked Kubotan

Spiked Kubotan

Kubotans ribbed grip

Kubotans ribbed grip


  • Handy and Concealable – can easily be carried and hidden inside one’s pocket/back pocket, purse.
  • Fist load for punching – hardens the fist
  • Pressure point and pain compliance weapon
  • Non lethal force instrument
  • Great for Women and Men alike for self-defense


  • Spiked Kubotan’s are considered as offensive weapons in Britain.
  • Can still fly, fall or be knocked off from the wielder’s hand.
  • Seldom found sold in the Philippine market.

Retail Price: $6.00 online, The Kubotan version available in the Philippines is the Dulo Dulo (Palmstick) Filipino weapon which can cost Php 840.00


The Brass Knuckle is a great weapon and can do heavy damage but it may get you in deep trouble with the authorities if you get caught with one.

The Expandable baton is also great especially those quality ones, it can be carried comfortably, it extends the reach, the sound produced when deploying it can be intimidating, can be used with several attackers but there’s the potential for it to inflict lasting injuries.

The Tear gas and Pepper spray canisters are small, concealable, has further reach, and quite very effective indeed but there’s always the risk of getting affected by the aerosol yourself.

The Stinger and Kubaton are great key chain’s that you can carry with you all the time; they’re lightweight, concealable, covert and effective.

In dire situations, having an object which can also serve as a self defense instrument can be very handy indeed and it’s far better than having nothing at all to use to help you defend yourself especially if you haven’t trained or learned to fight empty handed in a Martial Arts School.

Choosing the preferred product for use in self defense is mere personal preference. Learn how to use any Self-defense item before using it (Conceal carry, deployment and delivery and knowing the vulnerable target points) in an actual scenario to achieve its intended maximum potential effectiveness to give you that leeway of time to make a run for it, flee the scene, call for help, escape and survive once the assailant or attacker is left stunned for a few seconds or more.

But it’s important for you to take into account that “you” are responsible for what you carry.

Because if you are found in possession of any weapon, dangerous or deadly instrument, depending on your countries laws/legality, if you’re found guilty of criminal possession of that thing especially if you have intent to use it unlawfully against another, you can be charged, fined or imprisoned.

– Tawara Sho

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