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Heinous crimes and Justice for Rochelle Geronda and Ray Bernard Peñeranda

Justice for Rochelle Geronda and Ray Bernard Peñeranda

Five months after UPLB student Given Grace Cebanico’s brutal rape-slay another girl was found dead, naked and possibly raped before being stabbed to death several times in a banana plantation in Los Baños, Laguna. The victim was identified as 14 year old Rochelle Geronda who happened to be a sampaguita vendor and a UPLB National High School student based on a report by diversityhuman.com.

A few days later Ray Bernard Peñeranda, UPLB Junior Agriculture student was also killed in a robbery attack, he was also stabbed to death and a few hours after that a 32 years old male was also murdered.

Justice for Rochelle Geronda and Ray Bernard Peñeranda!


Rochelle Geronda

Ray Bernard Peñeranda


Heinous crimes!

We constantly see or hear it in the news and sometimes it leads a number of people to think and believe that most news stories are just depressing.

Most people who see or hear these sad news across the nation don’t know the victims or only get to hear about them in the news. With all these crime stories, a lot of people still think that they will never become victims or the thought of the possibility of falling victims to heinous crimes themselves never crossed their minds yet.

We cannot deny it nor simply ignore it, it is real and it keeps happening every day.

Who should care?

No parent would ever want this from happening to their sons or daughters. To lose someone or the thought of losing a brother, a sister, cousin, or a kin is hard to bear, so everybody should care, and it should start with you, yourself.

Now, you can never tell when this might happen to you. It could be in 6 months, a year, 10 years? Who knows? But there’s one thing we all should bear in mind, the criminals are always out there, the moment you step out of your door, or worse it can always happen right inside your very home.

They don’t care…

If you’re thinking that if ever you fall prey to criminals, by doing what they’ll say to you and giving up your valuables, they will not hurt you? No, you’ve seen their faces already and the moment they turn their backs you might go call for help, the police.

So a little jab here or there before they leave and you’ll be more concerned in getting to a hospital and they can make their escape easier and not having to worry about the police behind their tails as they’re making their getaway.

These criminals don’t care what happens to them, they already made a decision. And do you think they will even care about you? No, they already picked you as their victim in the first place. They don’t care what will happen to you as long as they’ll accomplish their objective.

Care you must

Iligan City is no exception; it has its share of heinous crimes.

Information from a very reliable source revealed something really baffling. Self-defense is not so very popular among students these days. Imagine, a university, and several schools in the city and only three were interested enough to learn the art.

Maybe it’s because of hard economic times, has no time, or just interested in other things. Well, criminals have all the time waiting for an opportunity or their next victim to come by, and it might be you, it’s just a matter of time, you’ll never know. So, are you going to let them hurt you or do their worse if it happens to you?

Whether we like it or not, it’s in our nature to resist when something we value will be taken from us, with or without force, and we instinctively fight back for self-preservation when we’re attacked but in the heat of the moment worse things can happen and that’s bad news because these criminals usually are packing.

What is paying P700.00 a month for six months or a year to learn how to avoid, how to fight back and possibly increasing your chances of surviving a brutal street attack if it happens compared to what you will be paying for the surgery, medicines, or therapy if you’re lucky enough to end up in a hospital?

You wouldn’t want to see any of your loved ones carrying the burden of loss for the rest of their lives if it happens to you and you end up getting killed.

Think about it. It all starts with you. So, what should you do? Care! Prepare yourself.

Jason Bourne

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