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Fighting and Surviving real street fights are not the same – by The Wolf Predator

Fighting and Surviving real street fights are not the same, they’re entirely two different things. And if you can’t tell the difference, then you are most likely to get seriously hurt or killed.

A lot of people get maimed or killed in an actual no-holds barred real street fights, brawl, or knife attack, even if they have the proper self-defense training. Fighting for your life can become a very traumatic experience and no matter what ultimate reality based fighting styles, art, or system you may have learnt, when given that option to withdraw but  failing to do so for whatever reasons when things get rough or ugly is the number one cause why people get killed when it comes to violence.

If you kept dreaming about that day or worst, you seem to get out of your way to put yourself in a situation wherein you will no longer be able to run, so that you can unleash your deadly fighting skills, just to test yourself, then you’re terribly mistaken.

To deliberately put yourself in danger or into harms way and believing your training will save you is a grave mistake.

Majority of assailants usually have made up their minds and placed you in their cross hairs already. And it’s unquestionably not about your attitude or technique alone that will save you in the end.

Furthermore, if that worst-case scenario you always picture happens to you, and you can’t turn your back and make a run for it, you can only have but a few options.

“Learning from a good Self-defense school teaches you the necessary skills you need during your training and covers the most important lessons, and many more, including those options, that you need to know and can do about when all else fails when confronted or caught up in this kind of situation.”

There’s a saying that goes “The best defense is a good offense”. On the contrary, it is very important for you to remember and make that clear distinction that Self-defense is not going on the offense in the first place.

The Wolf Predator

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