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Justice for Given!

Justice for GIVEN!

Given Grace Cebanico, 19 years old, third year Computer Science student of University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) found dead in a canal by residents around 6:30 am, October 11, 2011, in the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) road in Barangay Putho-Tuntungin in Los Baños, Laguna according to an article by abs-cbnnews.com.

Given Grace Cebanico

Bullet wound on the forehead, bruises all over the body, hands tied, mouth covered with masking tape, with no underwear, and possibly, raped before getting dumped in a canal, is such a grisly murder, a worst case scenario sad to say still happens from time to time.

It’s a nightmare, a grim aftermath that no girl or parent wants to happen.

How can such gruesome acts of violence occur? Is it that part of being human; subject to behavioral unpredictability?

Who could do such a thing? What madness possibly drives a person in committing such acts of violence – human aggression? Yes! Can we call them a Person? A moral agent that’s responsible for one’s actions, think not.

We all have been given that freedom, free will and exercise it. But it doesn’t justify this. We can easily rationalize a child’s seemingly crazy behavior but this …this is barbaric!

Justice for Given!

And the suspects couldn’t give it a bitter twist of irony for a girl named Given Grace. They murdered her.

 Justice for Given!

The two suspects in the alleged rape and murder of Given Grace are now in police custody. Once tried and found guilty they are incarcerated for the rest of their lives. Then justice is given.

Justice (for) Given

If you constantly think that this kind of situation might happen to you and wondering what you are going to do or how will you react to escape?, two guys will approach you, muscle you around, and force you to go with them like what happened to Given, then you may need to think about it. Consider learning How to Defend Yourself and be able to fend off rapists, ravagers, defilers, nymphomaniacs, rapers, ravishers, maniacs.

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