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The Values of learning How to defend yourself – Tawara Sho

It could never happen to me

The Values of learning How to defend yourself

You may say “It could never happen to you” be it here or abroad, you might think that you will never be involved in a fight or become a victim as long as you are careful and refrain  from violence. Choosing not to fight and walking away is always the  best option.

But, in our world today, who knows?

– You may get caught up in a brawl when you go out with your friends in a bar, or be in a street fight

– Or become a victim of a crime; rape or get mugged on your way home

– Come face to face with a burglar or an assailant in a home invasion

– Or attacked just about anywhere, anyplace by a fool, with no clear reason and beyond your control

it could happen to me?

Well, it could happen to you! For, nothing is really certain as you go about your daily life today. There’s no telling one of these days or in the future you may come face to face with any of all the would be bullies, thugs, mugger, brawler, rapist, holduppers, rejects, cutthroats, street criminals and scum’s of society hell-bent on hurting you,




and you might not find some help. And the question is what will happen to you if the scenario can only turn for the worse?

-Do you want to become just another victim or be a part of statistics?

-What if you don’t have the choice to just stand there and do nothing?

-What if you’ll be forced to fight for your own survival, your family or a friend?

And the only thing that may mean the difference that may measure up, that may save you is the skill to defend yourself with the correct tactics. In this cruel world today, mastering the empty hand way might be the sanest choice. You will be better off if you had some training, you will be ready in facing the situation if it happens and be able to protect yourself and possibly escape unscathed or end it with minor injuries. As the saying goes “chance favors the prepared.”

Gimli, son of Gloin

Legolas of the Woodland realm

Aragorn, Heir to The Throne of Gondor

Photos courtesy of my favorite movie: The Lord of the Ring

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