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“A pitiful tale of two Nursing students in Iligan City” – by The Predator Hunter

Let me tell you about a pitiful tale of two Nursing students in Iligan City, two separate crime incidents but rather similar stories posted in Facebook and came out in the local news.

The first is a very tragic incident, a crime that happened last July 22, 2010 at 10:00 pm in the evening. A first year BS Nursing Student of MSU-IIT, Male, 16 years old, the youngest of three siblings from Koronadal City was on his way to the apartment he was renting in St. Mary, Barangay San Miguel, Iligan City after training and choreographing the Nursing’s Cheer dance team.

He was only but a few meters from the apartment when suddenly men on a motorcycle drove past him and snatched his bag thinking it contained a laptop computer inside, as he struggled and fought back, one of the men stabbed him and he was mortally wounded after getting hit four times.

As the victim cried in pain and agony, “calling out his mother” the men took his cellphone and drove off. The victim was declared dead on arrival at the Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital less than 500 meters away where he was brought.

The second occurred at 1:00 am last July 25, 2007. A 17-year-old male, Second year Nursing student that time of MSH College was walking the street (near the old London Biscuit Company building behind the Perez Shell Station, diagonally across H3O and Coffee Works today, it’s just before the Balite drive crossing, in Barangay Santiago) on his way home after a group study with his classmates, when two young boys he met down the road, one of the boys was armed with a handgun and announced a robbery and asked for his cellphone.

He punched the boy with the handgun and ran for help towards a group of around 8 boys in front of Platinum Bowling lanes just a few meters away. It turned out the boys were also part of the gang, they beat him up, then the biggest boy in the gang, apparently their leader, charged and stabbed him with an ice pick on the chest, aiming for his heart.

He was brought to the hospital but fortunately for him, if it hadn’t been for his “Stabilo” highlighter pen inside his chest pocket which the ice pick hit he could have died. It didn’t allow the ice pick to penetrate any further, only entering an inch into his chest (a few millimeters more and it would have pierced his heart) which saved his life.

Unfortunately, Criminals outnumber our law enforcers, which is a fact. With the current population, the City doesn’t have that many Police to patrol, to arrest such criminals and curb such violent crimes and make our streets safe during the day and especially at night.

Now, come to think of it. If the person in that same situation was you, then, just give up your valuables, cash, jewelry, or cellphone – it’s not worth it, you can always find it again. Besides, it’s not really worth trading your life for them low lives scum’s.

But in this modern age sometimes more people value a cellphone more than jewelries, with changing trends the cellphone has garnered a spot in the hearts of the youth and old alike and regard it as a socio-economic status symbol; like what wearing jewelries were before, and in fact still continues to this date especially in low-crime rate places or well secured areas.

And sometimes people just don’t want to give up their belongings because it might not be worth in cash but to them it’s priceless.

But both victims were attacked and both fought back, willfully or instinctively it doesn’t matter but they were forced to defend themselves at that time, but sad to say their resistances were futile and the criminals weren’t even captured and persecuted. There might not be a Policeman in sight when crimes occur but,

See here, if the victims happened to have had the proper instructions in Self-defense, both situations might have turned out differently. And it might have been the criminals who would have counted their bruises or luckily just end up getting hospitalized with a broken…, just to teach them a lesson.

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