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Combat Jujitsu and other forms of Martial Arts and its adaptability to real life street-fighting situation – by Tawara Sho

Combat Jujitsu and other forms of Martial Arts and its adaptability to real life street-fighting situation – by Tawara Sho

Before man learned to make and utilize weapons, he learned to fight and defend himself using only his bare hands and feet. As time went by, this crude form of self-defense evolved into an art.

A number are taught and widely practiced to this day for self-defense like Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo, and Jiujitsu. Others have evolved to become competitive sports like Judo and Wrestling. Some even ended up as exercises!

Karate Kat

Of the different forms of martial arts that we know of and are still being taught today, one school The Los Angeles Jiujitsu Academy, that teaches Combat Jiujitsu states that their method is the only one that will work when one’s life is at risk in a street attack.

But I strongly disagree, you may not have the edge a combat jiujitsu expert has but others like Aikido, Judo, and Karate may just as well work for you in a real attack on the street depending on the circumstances.

It cannot be denied that certain Martial Arts Schools will always claim to be the best there is (some undermining others). But who is the best? This actually depends on each individual’s capabilities, because when two martial artists of different disciplines meet and fight on the street or in competition, sometimes…

“it all boil’s down to who kicks whose ass.”


Although learning Combat jiujitsu will increase your chances of survival in a real street attack and makes sure that your enemy is terminated. The mere definition of Combat is not the street attacks we picture although Combat may occur in a street.

Combat Cat

Self-defense is to repel an attack and get out of harm’s way. But it doesn’t always mean that you have to kill every attacker that you encounter in combat, which Special Forces guys must necessarily do to avoid detection. Incapacitating an attacker on the street may well be enough.

I believe that to be able to successfully counter or repel a realistic attack on the street, this will rely on three things:

1. The School: The instructor, it’s fighting style, the kind of training and discipline taught (mind, body and soul).

2. The Individual: What skill he/she has learned and be able to perform flawlessly to counter any given attack, not to panic, to know what to do and act even in fear.

3. The Situation: depends on the circumstances, no holds barred or an attacker armed with a gun from a reputable distance (okay if you’re superman).

The Situation – SuperCat

As long as humans exist, human aggression will always be there, so if you need to fight back, learning Self-Defense has its advantages, and no matter what the martial arts form you’ve mastered, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to kill to survive any realistic street attack.

Bring “em on!

Any form may just as well serve the purpose of deterring an attack especially when your defense and counter attack is executed effectively.

Eg. Scenario 1 Unarmed Cat

Eg. Scenario 2 Knife weilding Cat Commando

Eg. Scenario 3 Cat with a Gun

Always bear in mind though that it all depends on the scenario, whatever it will be. If escape and evasion means surviving an attack, you don’t really have to resort to killing every assailant every time you are attacked.

Thank you for reading, bow

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  1. yo! if all else fails, beat feet like the flash, let ’em eat the dust…


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