Predator Markings: A quick guide

Predator Markings: A quick guide

Predator Marks

Predator Marks

…comic relief

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu!

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu!

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu’s Facebook Community Page

Anria Galang Espiritu, a 26-year-old bachelorette and freelance model of Barangay Sapang Bayan, Calumpit, Bulacan was believed to have been brutally raped and killed by at least four men very early in the morning of August 14, 2014, according to a report by Freddie C. Velez of the Manila Bulletin (

Forensic investigators assigned to the case were able to take four sets of semen from the victim’s female organ for examination.

The report said that Anria Galang Espiritu’s body was found dumped and floating face-down in a rice paddy (with no less than 20 stab wounds on the neck, nape and back).

A screw driver and a long iron chain believed to have been used in the crime, as well as the victim’s underwear were found near the body by the Scene-Of-the-Crime Operatives (S.O.C.O.).

3 suspects were invited by investigators for questioning including a jeepney driver, Elmer Joson who claimed that the victim boarded his jeepney in Cabanas, Malolos City in the early hours of Thursday morning…

…it was the last time Anria Galang Espiritu was seen alive the report said.

the jeepney driven by Elmer Joson and a picture Anria Galang Espiritu (inset) taken from her FB account

the jeepney driven by Elmer Joson and a picture of Anria Galang Espiritu (inset) taken from her FB account (Courtesy of Freddie C. Velez)

Jeepney driver Elmer Joson, bearing scratch wounds whom he claimed were inflicted by his wife during a marital spat lately but investigators say looked like were a few days old (courtesy -

Jeepney driver Elmer Joson, bearing scratch wounds whom he claimed were inflicted by his wife during a marital spat a day prior to questioning but investigators say looked like were a few days old (courtesy –

Anria Galang Espiritu (courtesy -

Anria Galang Espiritu (courtesy –

Anria Galang Espiritu, one of the latest helpless rape-slay victim’s

…who was on her way home

…whom the criminals made sure she never made it.

Anria Galang Espiritu's body found floating face down on a rice paddy Barangay Sapang Bayan, Calumpit, Bulacan (courtesy

Anria Galang Espiritu’s body found floating face down on a rice paddy in Barangay Sapang Bayan, Calumpit, Bulacan (courtesy

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu!

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu  ! GMA news with caption saying 2 suspects in the rape-slay of Anria, positively identified by a witness (courtesy -

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu ! GMA news with caption saying 2 suspects in the rape-slay of Anria, positively identified by a witness (courtesy –


Evil-doers abound, they got a wicked plan, they pick their prey (or wait for opportunities) and at times got the strength and numbers.

Who knows, your number might be up next…

So, if it comes down to it…

…don’t let yourself become the next victim

…get that fighting chance now!

Justice For Anria Galang Espiritu!

Learn Self-defense and “Don’t be caught without it”

Learn Self-defense and “Don’t be caught without it”.

Dozens dead after attack on China train station

Shock, fear, helplessness, grief and despair grips this woman who was one of the survivors of the deadly China rail knife attack. (Retrieved from

You just can’t tell when it will happen or if it can happen to you.

If it does and you are caught right in the middle of it with no chance of escape then it will be either the attacker or you.

Like what just happened in a China train station deadly “terrorist” attack which was carried out by Xinjiang separatists according to

The report said that the unprecedented knife attack left 29 innocent civilians dead and more than 130 wounded.

Knife-wielding assailants just “Stabbed whoever they saw” said Yang Haifei, one of the victims of the deadly mass stabbing.

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and maybe even save other people’s lives.

Learn Self-defense and “Don’t be caught without it”.

Happy Fiesta Iligan City!

Happy Fiesta Iligan City!

September 29

Viva Senior San Miguel!

Viva Senior San Miguel!

Saint Michael the Archangel (Senior San Miguel) – Iligan City’s Patron Saint – Viva!!!


Diyandi Festival sa Iligan 2013


Health = Nutrients/Calories

Health = Nutrients/Calories

According to a source Health can be determined by one’s nutrient intake over calories.

Many say that one should avoid the “Western Diet” and start doing “Whole Food Plant Based Diet”.

[from 11 o' clock clockwise] Fern gully (Pako) + carrots + Butong (young sweet coconut meat), unpolished red rice, string beans with tofu, Potatoes + carrots + tofu + red peppers, Macaroni + tofu + eggplants, and a piece of fried eggplant

[from 11 o' clock clockwise]
Fern gully (Pako) + carrots + Butong (young sweet coconut meat),
unpolished red rice,
string beans with tofu,
Potatoes + carrots + tofu + red peppers,
Macaroni + tofu + eggplants, and a piece of
fried eggplant

Animal protein should be 10% or less. Studies have shown that an increase in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) or if levels are still increased over adulthood would not be good for it becomes a bed… not of roses…

Plant based protein, unprocessed foods, 10-30% nuts, phytonutrients, antioxidants, green cruciferous veggies, simple carbohydrates plus an active lifestyle and a garden in your backyard is the way to go.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Diet Plan works wonders “GOMBBS”

G – Greens

O – Onions

M – Mushrooms (High Anti-Cancer properties)

B – Beans

B – Berries

S – Seeds

But for everything to work one must first identify…


Here’s the typical Flow chart

Actions molds Habits which builds Character that leads to Destiny

And let’s not forget our “ATTACHMENTS”

We do have “programming’s in life” however, “reversing, healing and preventing diseases is imperative.

Fatigue is quite common during the early phase (taste changes) but with conditioning, this form of cleansing is worth it.

P.S. It takes time getting use to before one can appreciate it.

Thank you and Credit goes out to Mrs. BR

Eating it right

Hi there,

If you are bodybuilding (putting on some muscle mass), losing weight (cutting down) or maintaining a figure (staying slim) you have to remember that getting in shape can sometimes mean “eating it right.”

Cooking Meatballs

Frying Meatballs that looks like Chowking’s Butchi

If you’re trying to lose weight you know that you have to fight that urge to eat… a little more than the current limit, set.

If you’re trying to maintain a figure, you have to remember to eat, because sometimes being picky tends to make you forget.

If you’re bodybuilding then you should know that you just can’t eat and drink whatever you see.

Alright, If we want eat to bring us closer to our goals (whatever eat is) and get eat right… then… let’s eat it!

Here’s a picture of the food one is about to eat after a workout/practice routine…

Let's eat it!

Eating it right

Pardon our table setting here, some items missing…

Our Menu (l-r):

Filipino Stew (Sinigang-Chicken)

Hotdogs (Virginia, not John Carter)

Cheding’s Peanuts

Duncan Hines Chocolate Brownies/Cake

Scrambled Eggs

Chicken Skin

Filipino Meatballs (bola-bola)

On the Plate (l-r):

Dried Squid (Nukos)

Filipino Meatballs

Pork Tocino (Sweet cured pork)


Fruits (l-r):



Drinks (l-r):

Nesvita (Original flavor)


Spreads/Condiments (l-r):

Del Monte Ketchup

Lola Abon’s Durian Spread

Suka Pinakurat

Lady’s Choice Bacon Spread


Thank you for checking out our photo.

Losing weight, maintaining a figure, or bodybuilding can be fun and exciting just like learning self-defense, it has its benefits

Now, are you up for an exciting game of Hidden Objects?

We have 8 objects in our Picture we would like you to pick out…

…can you please help us identify all of them.

Thank you

Murder of two girls

Unconfirmed report talks of a murder of two girls last week.

The victims, a 10-year-old and a 5-year old girl were forcibly taken by a group of around 6 men, ages 18 – 30 years old.

According to a witness the siblings were last seen bathing under a faucet while the 6 suspects were having a drinking session nearby.

Before the victims bodies were found, rumors circulated that it might have been another kidnapping for internal organs.

But as soon as the bodies of the girls were finally discovered, it was then ruled out as another rape slay case.

It was found that the men raped both girls before killing them, both the victims had their heads bashed and crushed by a rock.

Our source said that the men mostly took turns on the 10-year old sister.

The suspects were all captured and according to our source, the 6 men received “frontier ‘vigilante’ justice upfront!”

They were all tied up, stripped, their third legs dozed with gasoline and set aflame…

…and they really danced, our source said.

What happened next? Well, let’s just “put out” this story here.

How to lose weight fast without losing your motivation

How to lose weight fast without losing your motivation

So, something has finally tipped the scales and now you’re just dying to learn how to lose weight fast without losing your motivation.

It’s not that:

  • your Physician has finally told you to lose those extra pounds
  • or you’ve always been dreaming to have those six-pack Abs
  • or wanting to easily squeeze into that sexy outfit that Mannequin at the mall was wearing, so you can strut, shine and make that befitting impression… and no longer make those moments petrified in your mind remain an illusion but make it a reality

but… it’s really all about getting in shape for health and fitness.

As we go thru life, weight management is sometimes one of those that easily fall off the grid.

Having a desk job, a voracious appetite and a sedentary lifestyle can make time fly us by so fast and we barely even notice it until we’re already struggling to button our pant’s fly…

As we struggle to maintain (make) weight, with little exercise, the situation can turn into a weight management frustration.

But we all eventually gain weight, not to mention the fact that it could be in the genes, Obesity exists, it happens, whether we like it or not.

Now, in trying to trim those fat bulges the exercise we do may not be the one or may not be enough to keep our weight in check.

And those cheap easy weight loss pills and other fat loss products sold online may not have approved therapeutic claims and may do us more harm than good…

And besides, you wouldn’t wanna make your body the site of one “big” experiment.

Having an ideal diet plan alone will not work if you don’t pair it with a workout routine either.

So, how to lose weight fast without losing your motivation?

Here are 6 tips you should follow and apply:

1. Know your goals.

Are you exercising to lose weight, for bodybuilding or just for cardio workouts?

You have to ask yourself first, are you in this fitness program because you have a genuine interest for health and fitness or for some other reasons?

2. Have the right exercise and diet plan.

Whether you’ll hire a Personal Trainer or get advice from the web, whatever it is, try to develop, maintain and strictly abide by your workout routine and diet plan.

Don’t just eat anything because you’re bodybuilding/working out, know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

3. Kick those bad habits.

One of the most important things to apply, kick whatever bad habits you may have, i.e. smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

Always remember, “Exercise and bad habits don’t mix.”

Your speed and strength-power, agility, flexibility, endurance will be badly affected.

4. Find the right exercise machine for you.

Elliptical, Treadmills, whatever fitness equipment, whether you choose to buy brand new or used gym equipments, build your own home gym, make sure it is tailored to suit your fitness needs.

Don’t just buy any exercise machine because it’s cheap or start using a product like the way you see it in TV, because maybe the equipment requires precise balancing and it might not be safe for you because you got vertigo.

During the Holidays, please do not disguise buying an exercise machine and passing it on as a present “from you to you” as an excuse to lose the Christmas weight gain then… leaving it to gather dust, moved it to your stock room and end up getting purchased by those “storage war guys.”

5. Have the proper mindset.

If you have the right mindset, then this brings you much closer to your goal than you think it is, in fact, you are already half-way there.

One must have the iron will, drive, discipline to persevere in order to succeed.

And add some hard-work to it for no exercise motivational quotes, sayings, tips, or posters can help you accomplish anything if you don’t work hard for it and change your attitude.

6. Pick a suitable fitness program.

Losing weight is made easy with the aid of the best motivation…

And one best motivation for you is, learning how to defend yourself empty-handed while engaging in a fitness training program that can help reduce weight.

The good news is…

ISD offers a reality based self defense training program that lets you lose weight fast without losing your motivation because it:

  • prioritizes fitness components, hands-on training activities with varying emphasis (low, moderate, high-rigorous)
  • balances and targets training activities (refined to accommodate different individuals, i.e., individual differences)
  • has training activities/practice sessions with lots of physical exertion, exercises that drains energy thus lets your body melt those fats away and convert them to energy to keep up.
  • provides a fitness program that addresses the physical demands of the Self defense training and results in weight loss simultaneously and
  • does so without compromising your ability and capacity to effectively defend yourself when you’re in a threatening or life and death situation, a street attack, an encounter, or when ambushed.

You’re not only learning an effective method of self defense that you can use for life but you will be burning those extra fats and calories and eventually tone down your body.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone (or hitting four birds with Birdshot).

So, what say you?

If you follow these tips, take it into heart, apply it, stick to your objective, and with the right attitude and mindset, nothing is impossible.

You can do it!

But before taking on that path to excellent conditioning or that road to a superb health and fitness you should… always consult your Doctor first.

Advantages Of A Reality Based Martial Arts Or Self Defense Training, Is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

Wondering what the advantages of a reality based Martial Arts or Self Defense Training is, Is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

A number of people out there searching for a Martial Arts or Self Defense Training school or facility whilst eagerly wanting to learn how to defend themselves often overlook or miss out considering one very important thing… “Its Effectiveness”

But before we tackle this topic, let us mull over the disadvantages or pitfalls of what “Training” can bring to the mindsets of some or what the mindsets of some will soon become or turn into.

Let us hope that by reading this you will become aware and be able to avoid this maelstrom, vortex, whirlpool, etc, okay, a black hole and get sucked in and shredded to pieces.

A number usually think,  have the belief, get the notion and don’t know it’s a misconception, that by merely being, enrolling, or attending a Martial Arts or Self Defense Training School… it is already enough (and now they feel a little tough-er).

Some feel that they already got their skins covered, they now feel safer, and sometimes, some become too over-confident because they trust they have gained the skills to beat up anyone who messes with them.

And rarely, some will undergo a very strange transformation… and these are the ones you need to look out for… There will be a  time that will come that some will get the mentality or think like “warriors.” And they’ll give you and others that piercing look, unconsciously feeling like a gas pocket under the ground who’s about to go ballistics with the slightest spark you’ll give them as you return their gaze.

You might be lucky enough to spot them inside a bar, they are usually looking at you, with a fire or a blaze going on right behind them, as your eyes meet and lock unto each other. What do you do?

Do the natural thing, look down on your drink, that is, if your holding one or look up to the ceiling, like you’re thinking of something deep… if you’ve noticed that there’s no letting up, and you’re thinking of walking away, don’t think of running (if you’re already drunk) or get those manly urges (if you have more than enough to drink) and start staring back at him, he might be forced to use force on you, it will only spell trouble… trouble for you… if he beats you… or trouble for him, if you beat him because you learned in a school with a different training system, a much better system if you’d like to say.

But we all know what’s the right thing to do boys and girls, it is… really… to avoid trouble or avoid causing trouble, learning a Martial Art or a Self defense system is a big responsibility.

So as we continue our story, regardless of style, the outcome of an encounter is sometimes determined not just by how much one has practiced but also by the kind, the quality and type of training system one has undertaken, especially in situations where whistle’s are of no use anymore.

Reality based Martial Arts or Self Defense Training provides or incorporates a practical or physical application of the techniques or skills studied and learned throughout the course.

It ensures hands-on training with direct practical experience while conducting the practice drills.

It’s like the old adage “No Pain No Gain.”

The advantages of these kind of training is that it lets you get a taste of what some situations/scenarios might be like, how things will appear, will be, or how they really are from your point of view as you go through them.

You will get the chance to know what will go through your mind, how it feels, how your body computes and reacts to certain conditions, or positions, or discover how it will really turn out as it happens in the real world and not like the way you see it on TV/Movies.

And yet the training still ensures that a tedious amount of control is still exercised in the scenario drills.

Training prepares you or conditions you so that you will still be able to focus, think, and know how to act or what to do to survive despite getting short circuited for a second or two.

Why? because situations differ, sometimes they become unpredictable, or can turn for the worse in an instant.

You can’t be sure or you may not know how to react once you take a hit, because your mind is driven out of focus or shall we say all you can think of then is the uncomfortable sensation, because you are writhing in pain then forced to a defensive, submissive or retreat mode… and this is where your assailant will go on a shark frenzy on you.

With a reality based martial arts or self defense training one gets trained to prepare, to have a proper mindset to face an unlikely event where ones survival is threatened and be able to increase ones chances of survival.

It is so easy nowadays, we have Youtube, the internet and one can easily study, download information, learn, practice the skills or techniques shared…

But the downside to this is-the application… because applying the skills and techniques you may have learned is different:

  • when practiced alone (beating or mauling a bag or just hitting air/wind)
  • when done alone (without the guidance or wisdom of a teacher)
  • when applied on someone else within the school during training (sparing, hands-on, reality based or controlled/choreographed?)
  • totally… when applied outside in an actual scenario (real and stressful).

So about the advantages of a reality based martial arts or self defense training, is it really good (if not better!) and effective?

Well, scores already found out about this in actual application. They have proven that it is different, it helps, and it is indeed effective.

“A real blade outside pulled on you will always be a real blade and it will never become or turn into a dummy knife, a stick, a pen or comb no matter how much you look at it.” by: STS

Never lose motivation once it sets in, encourage it… seek a reality based martial arts or self defense training school with a good teacher, then develop the proper mindset.


Are the training program activities designed in a way that prevents training-related injuries?


ISD provides a fitness training program that helps you meet the overall fitness demands of learning empty-hand Self defense with the proper guidance.

Our reality based training program is not without complementing the Tactical, Technical, and Psychological skills demands of learning how to defend yourself when under attack.

Training is as real as it gets (for you to learn and better your chances) because you don’t want committing costly mistakes when you’re in a real attack/encounter where in most cases there are no re-takes.

We always have our Sensei to guide us (practice is as real as it gets and is always under supervision) to avoid any serious or disabling “training-related accidents”.

Dragon's Breath

Dragon’s Breath


Few days later


angle of incidence


Safety first, Avoid training-related injuries.

Always train with the proper attire, gears and equipments.

Any injuries suffered if serious can affect your training regimen or make you stop all throughout if it’s permanent.

For a Reality based Martial Art or Self defense training, make sure that your Instructor knows what he/she is doing before continuing.

How will you know this? any hints?

It is not that the lessons you’re being taught are not the lessons you seek but…

If it ain’t effective – then you wouldn’t need to take a wild guess – you will know then if it ain’t the one….

Thank you for reading

WARNING!!! Beware!!! Advisory For Interested Parties

WARNING!!! Beware!!! Advisory For Interested Parties


Iligan Shotokan’s attention was called because of an existing “Advertisement” linked to us.

If you arrive at our website from an advertisement about offering “Martial Arts and Self-defense Classes” that appeared in “iligan-city. saint classified philippines .com” posted Oct 30 and shown in a screenshot at the bottom of this page.

Please be WARNED!

The individual “Anonymous” with phone number “09166785904” is NO WAY AFFILIATED or ASSOCIATED with “Iligan Shotokan Dojo” (ISD) with website address-

This “Individual” is MAKING FALSE CLAIMS, offering “Martial Arts and Self-defense Classes” and saying that he/she owns or represents the “ website.”

Any transactions made between YOU and this “Anonymous” individual who claims to represent Iligan Shotokan is NOT LEGITIMATE.

Interested parties BEWARE!



This individual is a FAKE, an IMPOSTER and may be a SWINDLER, FRAUD and a SCAM or CON ARTIST!

This individual may CHEAT YOU by “pretending to represent Iligan Shotokan” and if this individual in any way ask money from you, BE CAREFUL, you may get RIPPED OFF.

“Iligan Shotokan” is run thru the kind efforts, compassion, and meaningful and unselfish contributions of “Mr. Tawara Sho” and Iligan Shotokan has DESIGNATED NO OTHER INDIVIDUAL or REPRESENTATIVE to CONDUCT ANY OF ISD’s OFFICIAL BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS other than Mr. Sho.

Please be informed that “Iligan Shotokan Dojo” COMMUNICATES or ENTERTAINS any QUESTIONS, QUERIES and all INQUIRIES thru “EMAIL’s ONLY” using the EMAIL ADDRESS: and by NO OTHER MEANS – “NO CALL’s or TEXT’s.”


ANY PAYMENT TRANSACTION(s) if an interested party decides to ENROLL/JOIN are made thru a “FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER or WITHIN EACH OTHER’S PRESENCE” that is, between interested parties and Iligan Shotokan (MEETING IN PERSON) at the Dojo’s venue in Iligan City.



“iligan-city. saint classified” advertisement by the User “Anonymous” who claims to own the website or claims to represent Iligan Shotokan. This ‘Anonymous” individual is not Affiliated, Associated nor Connected with Iligan Shotokan. Do not make any kind of payments or conduct any business transactions with this “Anonymous” individual! Iligan Shotokan communicates thru email only and doesn’t transact business thru phone texts or calls.